$700 BRAD Many years ago I, was DP on an early cable program called “Idea Notebook”. It was a home improvement show and our talent was a young lady who turned out to be a very capable host. The engineer was Tom Schoenwandt, the gaffer was Bill Barrett and the utility guy was Ed Maher. The Director was a very intense first timer. The Producer rented a house on Long Island for a week and on the last day, in the last hour, our talent was building a small wooden box. Since the Director wanted this scene all in one take, Bill had everything she needed carefully laid out. Wood, saw, hammer and nine brads, the tiniest of nails, all lined up. It was hot and humid with a thunderstorm moving in. The h


The legendary CBS Newsman had the ideal order for Five Stories in a program. {Assuming that each had an equivalent news worthiness} #1 Put Your Second Best Story First {start with a bang & keep audience watching} #2 Put Your Weakest Story Second {get it out of the way} #3 Put The Next Weakest Story Third {your building to a big finish} #4 Put Your Third Best Story Next To Last {building to best story} #5 Put Your Very Best Story Last {end with a bang}

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     We all think we know the names of the major American networks, but ask a rushed,

     frustrated and exhausted crew member what those initials really stand for… 


                    Caucasian Broadcasting Corporation or Can't Broadcast Sports



                    Political Bull-Shit




                    No Bonus at Christmas




                    Extremely Slow Paying Network




                     And my favorite…




                      Always Be Cheap





    Of course, network crews are rarely rushed, frustrated or exhausted.