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                                    Production Details:


     INDEPENDENT     Herbert III Hi-Def, 24P Feature Short  for H-3 Productions

                                    Lunch  Wide Screen Feature Short  for Director Joe Byrnes

                                    World Tree Concert, Digital Wide Screen for Paul Winter

                                    Ruttles II, Mocumentary with Eric Idle & Jimmy Fallon for Showtime

                                    David Bowie, Recording Session & Interview

                                    Kenny Loggins, Behind the Scenes

                                    Saint Joseph’s Seminary, Behind the Scenes

                                    The Making of a Natalie Cole Music Video

                                    Cello Man Concert Video for Earth Vision

                                    Jazz at The Village Vanguard

                                    Pagano Productions: Many Independent Projects & Network Liaison


                                    All My Children - Studio Camera

                                    Many segments for 20/20, Prime Time & Turning Point

                                    “All Things Cher”, Prime Time Special, “The View”,  Promo with Barbara Walters



                                    Terrorist Attack Coverage in NYC, Sept. 11th thru Sept 21st, 2001

                                    60 Minutes, Segments with Mike Wallace, Morley Safer

                                    48 Hours, Segments with Dan Rather

                                    Charles Kuralt, “An American Moment” & “An American Christmas”

                                    Public Eye Series with Bryant Gumbel & Martha Stewart

                                    CBS Documentary Unit, several projects

                                    Before Your Eyes, the story of IRA Deportees

                                    CBS Evening News 50th Anniversary Special

                                    Body 2000, Health Special

                                    The Guiding Light, Location shots


                                    Dateline NBC, many segments & interviews with Tom Brokaw, Katie Curic

                                    Jane Pauley, Matt Lauer, Harrison Ford, Bill Cosby, Gwenith Paltrow, Stephen King           

                                    NBC Nightly News, many feature stories

                                    Today Show, MSNBC, many live remotes


                                    Annenberg CPB Project, Works in Progress series

                                    Walter Cronkite on HDTV for Connecticut Public Television

                                    Charlie Rose:  Museum Specials on Picasso & Cezanne

                                    The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, many feature stories

                                    Frontline for WGBH, Interview with US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke

                                    “Walking Tour, Brooklyn” WNET/Thirteen 

                           Special Projects for Impact, The Exchange, Profiles & Newsstand.   


                           National Geographic Explorer:   Several Segments. 

                           Tops of the Pops with Diana Ross

                           Billboard Music Awards.


                           Race for the Pennant

                           Petit Family Home Invasion


                           Americas Most Wanted

                           Promo Spots for Divas Pilot

                           Girl 6 with Spike Lee

                           "Night Shift" - St. Vincents Hospital


                           Intimate Portraits:  Cyndi Lauper, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, Next Step, Seven Wonders Serie


                           “Inside Prison” & “Inside Gangs”

                           History of Women’s Sports

                           The Fritz Pollard Story

                           Many Live Sporting Events


 SPOTS              Voght /Wein,  Moving Pictures,  Motion Inc,  L/R Productions,  Mason & Madison

 CORPORATE       IBM,  Kraft Foods,  Deloitte,  GE,  The Travelers,  Mass Mutual,  Cannondale Bikes

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