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A look at an Indian School in El Reno, Oklahoma


Women in Physics:

A fifteen-minute recruiting film for The University of Oklahoma

Ned Hockman Immortalized:

18 Minute Biography of the legendary film teacher.

Darien Football:

The Coach Maher years

History of Anesthesiology:

In association with The New York Medical Center at Cornell University.


Katie’s Key’s:

Two Nurses confront drug dependence and discover a deeper friendship.     


Living History, Luemily Ryder:

The story of the last one room school teacher, for the Redding Historical Society.


Project Excel: 

A video on emotional learning for the New York City Public Schools.


Living History, Margaret Wixted :

A look at Redding history through the eyes of the town’s oldest living historian.


Visions of Iron: 

The Iron industry in Connecticut’s Northwest corner as told by Historian Ed Kirby.


A Georgetown Story :

The saga of a small New England mill town from 1789 to 1989.


Throw It Down: 

The feature length documentary about Extreme Drum Corps.

At Zero:

A haunting look at Ground Zero, One year after the attack


All Things Bakelite:

The story of Leo Baekeland and the creation of the first plastic.


The Art of Remembrance: 

An homage to the Twin Towers

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